Property Tax Frequently Asked Questions


Payments can be made at any Tax Office or using Do Business

Yes. The original receipt must be submitted at the Collectorate where the tax was paid. If the refund is up to $3000.00 the refund can be processed the same time and paid in cash. However, if the refund is$3000.00 and over, this will be paid by cheque. The process takes two weeks or more.

Yes, as long as he takes along the last receipt or valuation number.

The Government has put in place mechanisms for persons to seek relief from Property Tax where special circumstances apply. The 3 main types of relief are: Statutory, Derating and Special Discretionary Relief.

You can write a letter through your local Parish Council to the Ministry of Finance for a reduction or full remission of property taxes. Requests for Special Discretionary Relief should include the following information: Valuation District, Valuation Number, Property Address, Evidence of inability to meet the tax liability and any other relevant information.

No. You may however object to the valuation of your property. You do this at the Land Valuation Department. It is in your interest not to make frivolous objections, as these could cost you both time and money.



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