Motor Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions


Report the lost to the Police- obtain Police Report. Take Report to the Tax office along with the vehicle documents, TRN, ID and complete form for Substitute title. Cost for new Title is $1,500.00.

Visit the Tax Office of your choice

  • Take along a passport size photograph
  • You will be required to complete two forms
  • After submission of the photo and forms, you will be issued with a document, to be used along with a valid ID when operating a motor vehicle
  • You will be asked to return to the Tax Office in 15 days to pay for and be issued with the substitute driver’s licence

17 years old

21 years old

18 years old

It is valid for 5 birthdays/date

The International Permit is valid for one year. However, in the case where the local driver’s licence has less than a year; the permit will expire on the same date as the local driver’s licence.

Firstly, take the Marriage Certificate (certified copy) along with your ID to the Tax Office or TRN Office and have the TRN updated. Within two working days (48 hours), return to the Tax Office, pay the required fee and complete an application form for the update to be done.

Driver’s licences are issued on the same day at the Revenue Service Centres (RSCs). For Applications received outside of the seven (7) RSCs namely; King Street, Constant Spring, Spanish Town, Mande-ville, May Pen, St Ann’s Bay and Montego Bay, the Applicant will be notified when to collect the new Licence.

  • You are required to visit any Tax Office, in person, with the expired licence to have it renewed. However, in the case where the appli-cant is overseas, he/she may download the F7 form from the web-site, complete and have it notarised by a Notary Public /Jamaican High Commission/Embassies in the country of residence.
  • Prepare and notarise an authorization letter for the person in Jamaica who will act on their behalf.
  • Forward the above with a notarized passport size photograph and the expired Driver’s Licence to the representative.
  • He/she will then visit the Tax Office with valid identification, make the relevant payment and submit form to have licence renewed.




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